Expectant Parents

Love Is An Open Door

Okay, can I just say something crazy?

We already love you. Crazy? You bet. Do we care? Nope. Did we just become best friends? Yep!

Do you love animals, sunshine, beaches, Christmas, or Disney? That’s crazy! We do too. How did you get so cool?

What else do we have in common?

Do you like pugs that snore? Do you love delicious food – and not that chain restaurant stuff… the GOOD stuff? How about the smell of rain? Do you like that too? Oh good! We love the smell of rain. Don’t believe us? Want proof? You’ve got it!

We both were from the beautiful and very wet state of Oregon. Before we had ever met, we both moved to Idaho. Crazy? Yep. One cloudy day in Idaho it began to rain. Courtney ran outside to enjoy the rain that reminded her so much of Oregon. Bryce went outside to enjoy the rain from his balcony. Then he saw a blonde girl laying in a puddle doing a backstroke. He thought to himself: that girl is crazy. Wanna know something crazier? He married her.


Life Could Be So Much More With You

We want you to be apart of our family.

What do we specifically want? We don’t know. But we know it involves you.

What do you picture? We want to know what you’re thinking. Do you have an adoption plan? What is it?

Because we are already best friends we are sure this will work out beautifully. Together we can be open with what we want.

We can tell you are amazing. Trust us. Let’s talk about what you would like to see in your future and what we want to see in ours. We already have so much in common, we are sure our hopes are already similar.

We do know how we envision our future family. We picture laughter. We see story time before bed. We see dinners at the dining table. Family prayers. Picnics at the park. Play-dates with our friends children. Visiting family. Going on vacations. Going to church every Sunday. Singing Disney songs every day because they never get old. And we see you.


Say Goodbye To The Pain Of The Past

Have you seen the movie Up? Remember the opening scene of that adorable couple and then they stare at the clouds and just know it’s time to begin their family, only to find out they can’t? Did it tear your heart out? That’s the most adorable glimpse at what infertility feels like when you find out. The perfect dream you have built in your head is taken away from you.

We were married in 2005. When we were dating and discussing our future we both shared our desire to one day adopt. Crazy? No way. Adoption is the coolest. However, we never pictured adoption happening so soon in our life. In 2012 we decided to grow our family – it was time. A year passed with no results. Nothing happened. We went to the doctor and they confirmed our worst fears. We can’t explain the pain that is felt when someone says to you “You will never have children through traditional means.” It hurt. We cried. We tried to ignore the awful elephant that entered our life. It was hard to talk about.

The same year that we learned this heartbreaking news, a series of fortunate events took place. Courtney got a job as an accountant in the adoption community. They didn’t know our infertility history. It was just magical. Those conversations about adoption that we had so many years ago were brought back to the surface. It’s time to grow our family through the magic of adoption.

Magic has happened through the pain. Not only did Courtney find herself in the world of adoption, but Bryce who has always wanted to be a doctor changed his whole perspective. Medicine had a whole new meaning. Because of the events in our life, Bryce now wants to be a fertility doctor to help couples fight the overwhelming sadness of infertility. He is currently working to get accepted into med school so he can make this dream a reality.


Life Can Be So Much More

It looks like we have a lot in common. What else could there be? Do you think we have even more in common? CRAZY!

Let’s find out. Email, call, chat, text, friend us – whatever you prefer. We can’t wait to meet you. We already know you are the coolest person we’ve never met.

Our mental synchronization can have just one explanation – you and us are just meant to be!


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