Our Story

Once upon a time there was a boy and a girl who met in college. Sparks flew, their eyes danced, and they fell in love. Life couldn’t have been better for them. One day they decided it was time to grow their family. Time passed with no luck. They were told they are infertile. This news broke their hearts. They hid their imperfection from the world, pretending it didn’t exist, pretending that it didn’t hurt when people asked “do you have kids” or “are you going to have kids?” They wore a brave face and hid the pain inside. Another year passed. Happiness was returning, though their hearts still ached. Opportunities presented themselves in ways they couldn’t have imagined. And then one very special day they decided to adopt. This is where the next chapter begins.


4 thoughts on “Our Story

  1. I am SO happy for you guys! Ya’ll are some of my favorite cousins, and I know you’ll make fantastic parents! I can’t wait to hear more about this!!! Love you guys!! Good luck!

  2. That is so exciting guys!! Steffen and I are thrilled for you and wish you luck in your journey to adopt. So, so happy for you. You will make amazing parents to that little child.

  3. Hello there! My name is Jammie Elkins and I am the founder of the facebook page Open Adoption, Open Heart. Today I decided to get on the itsaboutlove.org to find a profile to use as our “What to do” when designing your profile. I searched and searched through profiles looking for a profile to spotlight and I was actually getting a bit frustrated. Then I came across yours and it stuck out like crazy, I was hoping your letter would stand out as great as your portrait. I was not disappointing. 🙂 You are such a fun and loving couple. I giggled as I read your profile letter as you painted the picture so well. I hope that you don’t mind, but I spotlighted your profile on our page tonight. May God bless you in your journey to finding your grafted family! Much love! ❤ Jammie

  4. Courtney and Bryce, I am so happy that you have chosen adoption and are almost a family of three…well, can’t leave out your adorable pugs. Lol. I have found and talked to my birth mom and I have to say, I am so happy that I was adopted. Adoption is a great way to show someone who doesn’t have parents that can take care of them and ensure them a future that is full of happiness, emotional stability, love, and a safe and stable home. You have all that a baby needs and more. You two were meant to be parents and you will be great! Love you! Your cousin April

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