Chapter 21: Or-E-Gone vs. Ory-Gun

Bryce and I are both from the fabulously wet state of Oregon, though it may seem like we are from Idaho because we’ve spent a large chunk of our adult life in Idaho.

We both moved to Idaho in January 2004 and left in April 2007.
Then we moved BACK to Idaho in September 2010 and left October 2015.

That totals a whopping 8 years and 4 months!

Anyway, did you catch that? The part where we left in October 2015?

We are now in OREGON!

Side note: I once had a roommate that pronounced the spice oregano as Or-E-Gone-O. I about died of laughter. I’m pretty sure she never said it that way again. I apologize, dear old roommate, if my cackle hurt your feelings. It was just too funny.

Seriously though, it’s pronounced Ory-Gun.

So why did we move? Wasn’t Rexburg our home?

Yes, it was. And we really miss it. Especially the amazing people there. And Minja.

Bryce officially graduated in April (finishing up the last few classes he had) and has been job hunting ever since. You guys, it’s November! Do you know how depressing job hunting is after months? MONTHS? It took its toll. However, like so many things in our life, it turned out to be a blessing. We thought we would have to move before Hudson entered our life and do a whole new home study. I even looked into home study providers out of state – and lets just say Idaho is the best priced. However, though we were discouraged, little dude entered the world and we fell madly in love with him. And then Bryce got a phone call.

He was offered a job that, turns out, he really enjoys. I continue to do a little accounting. Our friends helped tremendously in our move. Our relatives housed us, giving us time to find our perfect new place.

And we moved in 4 days ago.

It’s been quite a whirlwind but I’m so excited to be in our new home with my little family.

Hudson is officially upgrading to a crib this week! When did he grow up? And get giggly?

So much good has been happening in our life. We are so excited to get to know our new neighborhood and ward, while reconnecting with our Oregon friends and family.

There’s no place like home. And home is what we make of it. It’s not Oregon and it’s not Idaho. It’s being with Bryce and Hudson. That is home.


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